Welcome to Girlmantra
A next-generation women’s health education platform. We make learning about your body fun.
We're challengers at heart and builders by nature.
Women’s health has historically been underserved. Limited research, fewer resources, no open discussions. We want to help change that.
At the cutting edge of women’s health
We ask uncomfortable questions that dispel stigma and spark conversation
From talking about menstrual health to masturbation, we help women break stigmas and give them a safe-space to share their experiences.
1,000 questions answered
200,000 women reached
1,000,000 impressions
We design lifestyle programs that help women feel better.
In 2021, we launched three cohorts of Period Mantra – a 9 week lifestyle program designed exclusively to help women with PCOS take control of their symptoms.
Participants: 512 women
Duration: 9 weeks
Experts: Seven experts, across endocrinology, nutrition, yoga and S&C
Top Results: Improvements in mood, pain and cycle regularity
We amplify credible voices from world’s leading institutions
We’ve partnered with doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts and researchers across 4 different continents, 10 different leading universities and teaching hospitals
Over 25 partnerships
Combined experience of 100+ years
From Harvard Med, Deakin, Oxford & more
Dr. Basma Faris
Gynecologist & culinary Medicine Specialist MD, MS, FACOG, CCMS
Dr. Sahar Weirthemeir
Gynecologist , MD FACOG
Dr. Tina Mistry
Psychologist and Therapist
Dr. Niveditha Manokaran
Clinician in Sexual Health & HIV Medicine

“Girlmantra's content is exactly what I've been looking for! They talk about topics that are often taboo and they do it in a way that's relatable and engaging. I've learned so much about my body and health from their posts and blogs. I can't recommend this community and safe space enough!”

Alizeh, UAE

“I've been blown away by the experts that Girlmantra partners with from all over the world. It's so inspiring to see so many incredible doctors, fitness experts, and nutritionists coming together to empower women with resources to take control of their health. Through this community, I was able to find an amazing gynecologist in India who prevented me from getting an ovarian surgery that I didn’t need. I'm so grateful!”

Namrata, India

“I signed up for Period Mantra and it has truly changed my life. Not only have I seen improvements in my mood and energy levels, but my cycle has become more regular and my eating habits have improved. I'm so grateful to Girlmantra for creating such an impactful program for women with PCOS”

Tanja, Ireland
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